Written by Monta Welch.

Express Yourself!

If you like what you have been reading on this website,
then please reach out to as many people as you can,
in any way that you can.

*  Spread the word online through whatever form of social media that you prefer.
Feel free to send out the links from this site's "DOWNLOADS" tab, or from this site's "WHAT CAN I DO" tab.

*  Write to Missouri newspapers and national newpapers and tell their readers how important this is.

*  Feel free to cut and paste some of our talking points that you may have already read. 
Or modify them in your own words (which is even better).

* Remember to be brief, and to give your name and address at the end of any letter-to-the-editor
that you submit (newpapers usually do not  publish anonymous letters).


Thank you for adding your voice!! 


When you're done.........Why not also send your letter to your Missouri Legislature?


How to Reach Various Missouri Newspapers:

· Columbia Tribune

· Columbia Missourian

· Jefferson City News-Tribune

· Fulton Sun (Web based - opens in new window)

· St. Louis Post-Dispatch

· Kansas City Star (150 word maximum)

· Springfield, MO, News-Leader (Web based - opens in new window)

· Joplin Globe

· Hannibal Courier Post 

To Reach National Publications:

· New York Times (does not publish letters sent to multiple papers)

· New York Post

· Washington Post

· LA Times (needs name. address, daytime phone and email address)

· Chicago Tribune (Web based - opens in new window)

· Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Other Newspapers (comprehensive list by state or name)