Help Address Climate Change

Written by Monta Welch.




Unless you support Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for city vehicles, and a CNG fueling station in our community, then you need to be at Columbia City Hall at 6:30 PM!! 

 Following the 6:30 PM rally at City Hall, City Council starts at 7PM, where you can speak in public testimony, to say you & yours do not support actions by the Council to quickly move in support of fracking! Please ask them to ‘pause’, listen to our voices, and move quickly on the 100% Renewable Solutions coming out of work by the People's Visioning.

 Additionally, PLEASE Call & Email Council Members & Mayor!  BUT ALSO, PLEASE SHOW-UP THIS TUESDAY.  Your Face=70 calls/emails.  AND BRING FRIENDS!!





1) Fracking is taking place here, in Missouri on the Kansas border as well as in the New Madrid Fault area in the ‘Boothill’.


2) Hydraulic Fracturing: ‘Fracking’, has been scientifically proven to infiltrate and contaminate underground fresh water!! (Fracking is why we have a NG boom!!) 

Fracking Water Concerns: 


3) Fracking for NG has been proven to release methane, unable to be captured, over 20 times more potent than the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) CO2; and, it’s ‘front-loaded’! Shale Gas GHG Footprint:

See also:

4) Fracking for NG requires extreme volumes of municipal, public, county, etc…fresh water, which is, then, loaded with toxic ‘Fracking’ chemicals and sand, high-pressure blasted below ground to break up underground bedrock, releasing NG! Some stays and does not return! What does return has even more toxins than previous: heavy metals, radon, etc! This even more toxic, recovered ‘slip’ must be stored or ‘treated’! Ingraffea Link Below and:

5) Large amounts of sand are required to Frack! Getting it is causing something akin to ‘mountain top removal’which is devastating the environment and communities in these areas.


6) The Fracking combinations of toxic substances cause human, animal and plant illness and toxicity near these Fracking areas! These chemicals do NOT have to be revealed or reported to the public and are exempt from our Clean Water Laws and EPA oversight by the ‘Halliburton Loophole’. Some folks have actually lost their lives due to fracking, many their health, their healthy lands, their livestock, farms and other livelihoods, property values, etc!!

 Earthquakes and sinkholes, more frequent since the ‘new’ version of Fracking has begun, which utilizes horizontal drilling along with the original vertical Fracking, are being linked to activity related to this new ‘Horizontal Fracking’!! Fracking is taking place in seismic areas including around the New Madrid Fault in Missouri, as well as California’s San Andreas!

Arkansas has been having quakes now every single day since horizontal Fracking commenced:

Dallas earthquakes caused by fracking

From MIT: Studies Link Earthquakes to Wastewater from Fracking

 There are other options! If there was political will to invest as much in an ‘Apollo-Type’, WWII-type development
and deployment of wind and solar, current and tidal, geothermal and a few other good renewable options, wherewe are right now, we would not need what those who influence government directions, call this ‘energy bridge

technology’=’Fracking bridge,’ with all the above negatives** Instead we could eventually, and quickly, have ‘free
energy’ for ‘the people’— NOT what those who want to keep selling us not-free and non-renewable energy want!!

 NO ‘Free Power’ for the People –not for as long as this ‘bridge energy’ 
can be ‘sold’ to the public ‘as necessary’—
a ‘bridge’ that will be built with the plan for it to last for a ½ century or more, no doubt, with the kind of investment there instead of towards renewables*** Not a very short-term bridge as is proposed, ‘sold’ or described!! This ‘bridge investment’ displaces and challenges investment in renewables.


10) Fracking, along with other polluting non-renewable fuel/energy receives 6-7 times more taxpayer assistance than does renewable energy**


11) The cost of NG gas is kept significantly lower due to taxpayer subsidies and tax breaks.

Prices WILL Change As Circumstances Influence Markets: 

See also:

12) The cost is further kept down because of a large glut of NG now on the U.S. market. The plan is to export NG to supply global energy markets! Once this happens, there will be huge NG/CNG price adjustments, upwards, so the cost that Columbia’s decisions are calculated on will be significantly different and will able to be manipulated by markets and production for more and higher profits to corporations focused on their greatest maximum profit!

This local CNG direction supports not only Fracking, but also local public investment in an energy being described, inaccurately, as a ‘bridge’, as well as ‘low-cost’ (for now), climate and environmentally friendly, hugely inaccurate criteria/data/considerations supporting an investment taking our energy and tax dollars out of the community, essentially derailing
and ‘starving’ investment in the real direction people want government to go---‘level the playing field’ with equal or no taxpayer assistance or give support only to more recent clean, renewable energy directions, far better for public

health and the environment! Environmental and public health costs have NOT been factored into this direction requiring this form of fracking!! Give the people the ability to generate their electricity by decentralizing and diversifying renewable,
cleaner options locally/(here in Columbia) allowing each of us a plan to generate our own electricity on our own homes and
property and/or buy ‘shares’ we own in a community or neighborhood solar (or wind, current, etc) installation,
lifting all our boats!! This is what we, CCCC along with Peoples’ Visioning (PV), have proposed to City Council, Boards,
Commissions, Water & Light Dept! Please ask Columbia City Council, to implement PV’s ‘Renewable Energy Plan for All’ (PV-REPA)
in your emails, calls and comments!!!

14) Investment in CNG/LNG/NG is further ‘risky’ as fracked wells are not all producing as strongly as hoped! The idea we have 100 years worth of this hard to reach and extract (read: ‘risky’) shale gas is promoted by folks with financial and political gains in their sight. This is discussed more here:

The possibility of a leak, poor workmanship and construction, faulty design, or other ‘accident’ causing a
natural gas explosion of significant destruction and magnitude is quite real! We only have to look at all the leaks, oil spills and other large explosions with just NG across the country and with our own history here, as well, to know this is certainly possible. The land for the CNG fueling station, purchased with $300,000.00 of our public money, is located immediately next to two health care facilities and a FEMA site, all 3 providing/storing oxygen tanks for customers, patients and victims of disaster! If this station had a problem, any explosion would impact 4 locations, taking out the FEMA response unit and would likely spread to 2 more volatile business a block or 2 away: the MFA and Break Time gasoline fueling stations and mini-marts. ‘Great’ location…Duh!

There is further concern regarding safety of large or increasing numbers of CNG vehicles being

driven in our society, the safety of these vehicles on our roads with cell phone users, smokers and other sources of volatility including severe, growing and quite negative ‘road rage’, with some people willing to go to extreme lengths expressing it!! Fracking rigs prohibit on site use of cell phones for reasons of extreme volatile potential!!