Create Good Jobs, Address Climate Change

Written by Monta Welch.

**Take Action on theKeystone XL Pipeline**


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The Columbia Climate Change Coalition sent the following: (Use as sample ‘Talking Points’ even past the ‘deadlines’ until the President announces his decision!!!!!)


On behalf of 80,000 voters in the Midwest I write and send the following, asking you to say 'NO' to TransCanada or any corporation or entity trying to move the Tar Sands to world or domestic markets through the U.S.!! Thank you for your respectful consideration and keeping your promises on transparency and action on climate change, including moving to renewable, cleaner energy making dirty energy quickly obsolete.

M. Welch

The Keystone XL Pipeline is dangerous, dirty, and destructive! The latest Environmental Impact Statement was inaccurate, incomplete, tainted with conflict of interest, even expunging connections to TransCanada and Tar Sands for several heading up the ERM, ignoring significant risk of toxic spills, ignoring catastrophic impacts on climate, and the clear consensus of financial analysts and oil executives that this pipeline will make the difference in tar sands development!

It will contribute dramatically to climate change. The State Department confirmed tar sands fuel is up to 19% more greenhouse gas intensive than conventional fuel and the industry admits it will lead to more tar sands production!

Its carbon pollution impacts are equivalent to 9 million cars on the road considering the total emissions of tar sands and refining processes.

Contrary to claims of supporters, it could end as many jobs as it creates with toxic spills in farmland or water resources, threatening essential jobs along the chain, including issues with quality and shortages of food and water on a warming planet dealing with severe drought, floods, ocean rise, hurricanes, tornados and other extremes!

Only 10% of the created jobs would be filled by local people in communities along the route.

A new pipeline now, locks us in to higher carbon emissions when we should rapidly invest in renewable energy that cannot be exported which will provide a more secure, cleaner and healthier, energy future for the U.S. and other countries following suit. This will bring more global peace and less fighting, like the young John Kerry opposed decades before, and is now part of his duty as Secretary of State and the President’s, as well!

Tar sands will increase toxic pollutants in communities near refineries already suffering from high rates of asthma and cancer.

Data suggests current analyses of the impacts of tar sands under-estimate climate impacts by at least 13%. They don’t account for a high-carbon byproduct of the refining process used as a cheap alternative to coal: petroleum coke.

The pipeline's risk to water has not changed at all with the new route. It still crosses the Sandhills and the Ogallala aquifer, reasons Gov. Heineman, Sen. Johanns and you rejected it before!

It crosses more than 1,000 water bodies across 3 states and 875 miles threatening drinking water for people, farms, and ranches with devastating tar sands spills, as have repeatedly bee seen, posing unacceptable risk to water, health livestock, industry!

The first Keystone spilled 14 times in the U.S. in its first year! Enbridge spilled over one million gallons in the Kalamazoo River in 2010. We recently saw 3 new spills in 3 states in little more than a week! How much do we have to be shown? NO TAR SANDS PIPELINES!

This is a project for personal/private good over the public good! The Koch brothers privately held empire is reported to save $2 billion with this pipeline by shifting to the Canadian Tar Sands bitumen! They and other energy corporations are lying to the American people! This energy source is NOT for the U.S. and U.S. energy security, but for the world markets! They and others, along with TransCanada, are, even without approval, are mobilizing, transporting and readying pipe, using eminent domain in this country, forcing on farmers and us this extremely dangerous, personal ‘dirty energy’ project, corporate mis-management, their greed and ‘golden parachutes’, extreme CEO compensation at stockholder’s and U.S. taxpayers’ harm and expense!


Please reply to my concerns!


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General Switchboard (open 24 hours): (202) 647-4000, then 4, then ask for the Comment Line! 20 Second recording

Fax: (202) 647-3344

Secretary of State Staff on Peace and Security Concerns:

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'A People's Visioning'


'To Create Good Jobs, Address Climate Change and Build a Better Community!!'

Mini-Conference, Wednesday, October 10th, 7PM

Music and Refreshments 6:30 PM

Friends Room, Library, Garth & Broadway

We will offer Solutions to Climate Change and Jobs, without Blight/EEZ, & Include Your Ideas!


"A Different Community Vision"

Please join CCCC & others rolling up our sleeves to bring jobs, address climate issues, and petition city leaders and our educational community to collaborate for jobs with job-specific training and mentoring in fields our community needs:

* renewable energy, energy-efficiency and conservation,
* neighborhood improvement,
* more local food,
* addressing sustainable clean water issues,
* focus, improve and support education,
* incubating small business startups thru high schools, community colleges & the university,
* improving and maintaining historic buildings,
* maintaining public infrastructure,
* remedying blight,
* improving well-being, public health, and Columbians' quality of life,
* find solid and creative funding,
* heal old community wounds and address healthy, inclusive, community building, etc!

Your ideas & resulting good jobs will alleviate poverty; low education; lack of transportation; etc. while assisting those with health, rehabilitation or addiction problems; our youth; veterans; former offenders; etc.

Sponsored By: CCCC at M. Welch 573-777-2216 or 573-443-4717 Co-Sponsors: Columbia Area NOW, Democracy for Missouri, Mid-Mo WILPF, Osage Chapter Sierra Club, Sweet Ethics Sustainability