Written by Monta Welch.



Thanks to you, your calls, emails, letters all helped get a significant improvement to our city building codes! We did have to compromise a bit, not badly, in adopting the full International Residential Building Codes; however, the Building Commission said they would agree to full adoption of the codes in the next review cycle! 


Public Health and the Health Costs of Dirty Energy (updated)


Find information on Public Health and the Health Costs of Dirty Energy at this link.


Small Businesses Urge US Senate To Let Clean Energy Create Jobs:


The following data is from the time the Senate failed to pass comprehensive clean energy legislation, July 22, 2010, until it resumed from summer recess, September 13, 2010: (For those 54 days only).

1) For the first time, China surpassed the U.S. as one of the most attractive countries for renewable energy projects. ----Ernst & Young 

2) The U.S. fell $11,269,800,000 ($208 million a day) behind other G20 nations in private investment in clean energy and $21,215,342,466 behind the rest of the world! ----Pew Charitable Trust 

3) A U-Cal Berkley analysis showed the American Power Act would have created1.9 million jobs! Nearly 600,000 of these jobs were lost where they are needed the most, in the 10 states with over 10% unemployment! Other states lost hundreds of thousands of urgently needed jobs that could have been filled immediately with little or no training! Senate inaction will cause American families to miss out on anincrease of family income of up to $1,175 per year and a boost to America’s gross domestic product (GDP) of $111 billion with huge economic benefits flowing across 50 states!